May help maintain health of the circulatory system May support immune system health Oil extract of fresh garlic Herbal food supplement Garlic must be one of our most popular health supplements. It has a very long history of use – many suggest that garlic has been used ever since the great Egyptian Pharaohs built the pyramids.


What are Garlic Capsules? Garlic is known to contain a number of active substances including alliin which is converted to allicin using an enzymatic process. Our garlic capsules use rapeseed oil to gently extract the active ingredients, providing a high quality, oil rich extract. Garlic has now been associated with a multitude of health benefits and many people will associate its use, as a herbal food supplement, with supporting the health of the circulatory system and immune system.


Dosage of Garlic Capsules


Directions for use: Adults: 2 capsules twice daily Children: This product is not recommended in children. Please seek medical advice if pregnant. Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

A Vogel Swiss Garlic (150 Capsules)

SKU: A V-SWI-150
  • Ingredients: Each capsule contains 270mg rapeseed oil, extract of fresh garlic, equivalent to 270mg of fresh garlic. Also contains gelatine, glycerol 85% and karion 83 (a mixture of sorbitol, mannitol and starch).