Blagar Aged Black Garlic (Unpeeled Black Garlic 90 Days Fermentation) 120 g


BLAGAR black garlic is unique, sweet and sour taste like balsamic vinegar or tamarind. The garlic meat is deep black. Natural sweet flavor, soft jelly-like texture Not spicy, suitable for all ages
How to eat 
Eat like dried fruit Eat once a day, 2 heads (black garlic) a time, eat with or after meals.
Appropriate amount of black garlic consumption
Although the black garlic is very useful. But should be eaten in moderation as well That is to eat about 1-2 heads a day, that is, this is worthwhile benefits each day.
Benefits in treating disease
• Prevent cancer
Relieve diabetes symptoms
• Lower blood pressure.
• Reduce blood fat.
• Inhibit bacteria and fungi.
• Nourish the skin to look younger.
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Cure insomnia.

Product of Thailand

Blagar Aged Black Garlic 120 g