Whole Black Garlic Made from Thai tone garlic Through the aging process for 90 days with innovations from Japan. Taste, easy to eat, sweet, agile, clean, safe, healthy, complies with GMP, HALAL standards, without any additives, contains 4 bottles of 250 grams of

black garlic (black-garlic) is garlic that has been cured until it turns black. Under 60–90 ° C temperature and 80–90% humidity, it had less odor than fresh garlic and S-allylcysteine ​​(SAC) was found than fresh garlic. Black garlic has a hypoglycemic effect. People with diabetes Antioxidant It can stimulate the immune system and reduce cholesterol levels.

How to eat 2 heads per day to nourish the body, 4 heads per day for treatment results. Peel and eat Recommended to eat on an empty stomach at breakfast. And eat water accordingly For the body to be absorbed immediately Since the incubation period of time, not speed up the process, taste sweet and sour, like prunes, shell color can lead to a lot of the juice garnishing put the steak and spaghetti in broth, bread etc.

Product of Thailand 

Blagar Aged Black Garlic (Unpeeled Whole Bulb Black Garlic Fermentation 90 Days)

SKU: BLA-90-250