Herbal Juice with Garlic Extract
This concentrated garlic. Through the extraction process With a pressure cooker Therefore suitable for people who want to maintain their health And those who don't like the smell of garlic Because we try to make it easy to drink No preservatives and additives
How to eat 
Eat 100ml. (1 sachet / day) (can be eaten both hot and cold)
Drink black garlic juice 1-2 times a day for good health. Just mix it with warm water and eat it. Serve cold for better taste. Can be eaten before or after meals. Or who is going to put it in hot tea
How to keep Please keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
• Prevent cancer
• Alleviate allergy symptoms
• Maintain heart health
• Prevent aging wrinkles
Treatment of inflammation
• Helps you lose weight.
Cure diabetes
• Strengthens the immune system.
Important ingredients / Ingredients
Licorice / Licorice 1%
Handsome Hung Guo / Luo Han Guo 3%
Garlic Extract / Garlic Exteact 14%
Water / Water 82%
Size 100 ml. / Sachet 
(Packing 10 sachets / box

Blagar Black Garlic Mixed Herbs Drink (10 Sachets x 100ml)