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Known Benefits

Dr Gram Organic Buckwheat Heng Hua Noodle is made from buckwheat, which is a nutritious fruit seed containing more protein than rice, wheat, millet or corn. High in amino acids where it is deficient in major cereal crops. A good source for magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, B vitamins, fiber, flavonoids and omega 3 oils. Lowers glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.


Recommended Usage

Takes 5 minutes to cook. Try making…

  • Bibim Naengmyon (Spicy Cold Buckwheat Noodles):
    • Serve with hot sauce of red pepper paste, sesame oil, garlic, water kimchi, hot beef consomme and Asian mustard for extra taste
  • Hoe Naengmyon (Buckwheat Noodles with Raw Fish)
    • Top with sliced raw fish, hot vinegar and pepper sauce
  • Makguksu (Buckwheat Noodles with Clear Chicken Soup)
    • Season with hot pepper paste, chicken broth and kimchi soup


Dr Gram Organic Buckwheat Heng Hua Noodle 250g

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