Pleasant, Nutty Flavor Perfect for Frying, Stir-Frying and Dressings Ellyndale® Naturals Rice Bran Oil is the perfect cooking oil for frying and stir-frying due to its high heat tolerance and high smoke point (approximately 490º F). With a pleasant, nutty taste that complements many foods and a high percentage of beneficial fatty acids, our premium Rice Bran Oil is a smart and flavorful addition to your favorite dishes and also makes an excellent salad dressing. Try replacing your other cooking oils with Ellyndale® Naturals Rice Bran Oil – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!


SUGGESTED USAGE & STORAGE Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Since this oil is non-winterized, it may appear cloudy upon cooling or at room temperature. This is normal and does not affect the quality of the product.

Ellyndale Organic Rice Bran Oil (500ml)


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