Fucoidan refers to a type pf polysaccharide which contains substantial percentages of L-fucose and sulphate groups, mainly derived from brown seaweeds. Just like hondawara, it was discovered in 1913 by Professor Kylin of Uppsala University in Sweden as a source of sliminess of Kombu. Initially named as “Fucoidin”, the substance subsequently became known as “Fucoidan” based on the IUPAC rules. It is also a specific source of sliminess only found in brown algae such as Kombu, Wakame(Mekabu) and Mozuku, and a type of water-soluble fiber. During the past decade, Fucoidan has been extensively studied due to its numerous interesting biological activities. This product uses unique extraction technique to maintain a high concentration of Fucoidan Polysaccharide. The efficacy includes: better digestive function, enhance physical function and improved metabolism. This product is suitable for people recovering from illness (es).


Suggested dosage:

1. Health maintenance: 30ml per day

2. Recuperation from illnesses: 60ml per day

3. During serious illnesses: 100ml~ 200ml per day Ingredients:


Seaweed(Mozuku) from Okinawa, Japan Volume: 500 ml


Product of Okinawa, Japan

Fucoidan Okinawa Mozuku (500ml)


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