Fullgreen's Cauliflower Rice has 87% fewer carbs than white rice

  • 8g Carbs

  • 40 Calories

  • Gluten-Free

  • Low Sodium

  • Vegan

  • No Preservatives


100% Cauliflower, Riced & Ready To Eat


What is Cauli Rice (also known as Cauliflower Rice or Riced Cauliflower)? It’s a nutritious rice-alternative, made from nothing but cauliflower. What could be simpler or healthier than that?

Fullgreen's ready-to-eat Cauli Rice is naturally lower in calories and has 87% fewer carbs than white rice. Every pouch is filled with non-GMO cauliflower and that's all: no preservatives, no additives and no salt. We don't dry or freeze our veg, like other brands do. We just wash it, chop it and steam it.

Our airtight pouches mean that Fullgreen Cauli Rice is the only long-life riced cauliflower you can buy. It keeps for ages in your kitchen cupboard, drawer at work, or even in your gym bag - with no need for refrigeration. It's ready whenever, and wherever, you are.

Heat Cauli Rice in just 2 minutes and use it as a super-easy rice alternative; make awesome cauli mash, cheesy cauliflower gratin or low-carb pizza bases. You can even use our cauliflower rice without cooking, in salads.

Fullgreen Cauli Rice Cauliflower Rice (200g)

  • 100% Cauliflower