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  • Maintenance of Healthy Eyesight
  • Nourishes your Eyes
  • Protects the Eye from Harmful Blue Light
  • Retards the process of Aging Eyesight
  • Effectively Improves Vision
  • Expect other benefits as well

• Contains Rich Combination of Vitamin Extracts for Eye Health:


-FloraGlo™ Lutein (30mg), A powerful anti-oxidant Extracted from quality marigold flowers. It filters out harmful effects of blue light that enter the eye, reassuring the health of your Retina & Macula.


-DHA (450mg), Help you see better by promoting certain brain functions that create clearer visual images, thus improving your sense of sight.


-Blueberry Extract (150mg), Rich in Anthocyanin & Multi-Vitamins which are essential to the eye for a brighter clearer vision. It should also protect the surface of the eye (Cornea).


-Ginkgo Biloba Extract (30mg), It can improve Blood Circulation in the Brain, Head &  Especially the Eyes. That ensures that the Optic Nerve transmits visual information from the retina to the brain


-Beta Carotene (9mg),  Prevents further oxidative damages to the eye. Additionally, it is converted into Vitamin A in your body to provide more to the eye.


-Cassis (15mg), A powerful Anthocyanin extracted from Blackcurrants, could relief dry eyes and fatigue.

Health Trends Lutein Gold

  • 90 Softgels x 250mg

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