Mitoku Ume-Su Pickled Plum Juice 360ml


Mitoku UME-SU adds zesty flavour to vegetables, especially cabbage and cauliflower. Cook vegetables until just tender and still colourful, then toss with UME-SU to taste. Use it to liven up homemade quick pickles, tofu dips and spreads.


UME-SU is a delicious, tart-salty seasoning drawn from kegs of traditionally pickled Japenese plums (Umeboshi), with shiso leaves added to impart their vivid red colour.



Ume plums (Prunus mume, 68%), sea salt, Shiso leaves (Perilla frutescens). Store in a cool dark place.


Product of Japan

Mitoku Ume-Su Pickled Plum Juice 360ml