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Product of Japan


Nature’s Glory selects only the finest grade of green tea, grown organically in the mountainous regions of Japan and harvested in June, when the leaves are young and tender - A truly healthful beverage for today’s stressful lifestyle. Regular sipping of green tea may help prevent arthritis, with strong antioxidant effects. Green tea contains more vitamin C than the other types of tea though it has the highest levels of caffeine among Japanese teas. (300ml contains more vitamin C than one apple). Caffeine stimulates the brain and keeps one alert. Strong green tea is also reputed to treat hangovers as caffeine discharges alcohol from the body.


Preparation : Boil water let it cool for 10 mins. Then pour hot water over teabags and let them stand for 1 minute.


Ingredients: Certified Organic Grade A Green Tea leaves.

Nature's Glory Organic Green Tea Leaves (Grade A) 100g

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