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Nature's Glory Certified Organic Manuka "XO" Honey (Total Activity 30+) NZ 700g Prized for its high anti-bacterial activity among honeys. Manuka Honey has been used for centuries, good for ailments including sore throats, toothache, wounds, ulcers of the skin, leg and stomach, cold sores, gum diseases, diarrhoea, eye infections, hemorrhoids, stomach health and others. Why Choose Nature's Glory Manuka Honey? 1. Pollution Free area of South Island, New Zealand - protected by Department of Conservation, NZ - No tourist or heavy industries allowed. Clean water, beautiful forests, fresh air makes the honey taste so good. 2. Certified Organically harvested & processed by NASAA Australia: No chemicals, No artificial additives, No sugar or antibiotics to be fed to bees, No sugar added, No pesticides etc. Certified Organic means every step from harvest to bottling and final sale is audited independently. Look out for the NASAA logo and number on our bottles to assure that you are getting the REAL stuff and not adulterated with cheaper honeys or chemicals. The NASAA Certificate number is 8131P. 3. Harvested only when honey is "Bee Ready": After collecting the nectar and pollen from the flowers, the bees deposit them into cells of the honeycomb. The constant flapping of their wings, together with heat in the hive evaporates the water from the nectar-pollen mix and converts it to honey. When the honey contains 20% or less in moisture and the bees declare the honey "ready" and will form a thin layer of wax over the cell to cover honey. It is at this time that our honey is harvested and not earlier. This is Nature's best recipie for the honey not to ferment but to be stored for long periods of time without any problem. 4. Tested for Total Activity over 30+: Every batch of our honey is tested a NZ government accredited laboratory for Total Activity (TA). (TA is a honey's efficacy against bacteria that cause sickness). According to researchers, TA higher than 15+ is effective to kill bacteria that causes sore throat and ulcers. We only select honey that has TA higher than 15+. Manuka XO honey is a rare potent with TA over 30+ and works powerfully against the toughest germs. (hence the name "XO" for extraordinary) 5. Pollen count over 70%: Every batch of our honey is also tested for % of manuka pollen count to determine if can be called manuka honey. Based on European standards, a manuka pollen count of 70% and above can be classified as manuka honey. On the average, our manuka honey has from 80% to 95% manuka pollen count.

Nature's Glory Organic Manuka XO Honey 30+ (0.7kg)

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