OOMMI Probiotic Laundry

·         Kills bad bacteria

·         Removes germs, biofilm & odour in laundry and washing machine

·         Protects quality & colour of fabrics

·         Suitable for sportswear, lingerie, headscarf

·         Gentle on skin

·         Biodegradable

·         No SLS, No preservative & alcohol-free


How to use?

  • Machine Wash:

Medium Load: 3-6 caps; Large Load: 6-10 caps

  • Hand Wash:

Small Pail: 1-3 caps; Medium Pail 3-5 caps

Soak for an hour or more for optimal effectiveness


Storage and life span

  • Store at room temperature and use within 3 months for optimal effectiveness


DO NOT mix with any chemical detergent or softener


Formulated in Japan; Hand Brewed in Malaysia

Oommi Probiotics Laundry (1L)