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OOMMI Probiotic Multi Purpose Cleaner

Natural Origin
Kid & pet friendly

Removes biofilm and bad bacteria
Removes organic residue and bad odour
Removes dust, dirt, stains and oily surfaces
Deters ants
Gentle on skin

How to use?

General Cleaning
Spray directly on any surfaces and clean with a clean cloth; or
Leave it for 10 minutes for optimal effectiveness
Scrub or wipe with a clean cloth or sponge

Floor Mopping
Spray 5-8 sprays into a medium sized pail of water
Clean with mop

Storage and life span

Store at room temperature and use within 3 months for optimal effectiveness

DO NOT mix with any chemical detergent


Formulated in Japan; Hand Brewed in Malaysia

Oommi Probiotics Multi Purpose Cleaner (500ml)

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