Brahmi Powder ( Bacopa Monnieri ) is used to treat a broad range of mind-related health concerns.There is a reason why the herb Brahmi was named after the highest states of consciousness in a human being – the brahman or God-like state. This natural herb is considered to be one of the most powerful brain food in Ayurveda. Organic Veda has extracted all the goodness and benefits this amazing natural remedy in the form of Brahmi Powder Our Brahmi Capsules make it easy for you to adopt this herb into your lifestyle. Package Quantity 120 Veg Capsules Ingredients Used 100% Pure Organic Brahmi Leaf powder Health Benefits of Brahmi Leaf Capsules One of the most well known Brahmi benefits is its ability to support focus, attention, learning and memory


SUGGESTED USE 2 capsules a time, two times a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional In short, Brahmi capsules can bring this natural miracle into an easy-to-consume format so that you can take advantage of all its beneficial properties without having to compromise on your taste preferences. What more can you ask for! Order our Brahmi capsules today.

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