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Shatavari, or Asparagus racemosus, has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to support the reproductive system, particularly for females.

It is known to be a miraculous herb for females and providing support to women from a young age until middle or elder years to help them gracefully transition through the natural phases of life, including menopause

Ingredients Used

100% Pure Organic Shatavari Raw root powder

Health Benefits of Shatavari powder

Shatavari root contains natural phyto-oestrogen hormone precursors that help women in maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Shatavari powder benefits include strengthening the uterus and assisting in recovery from childbirth along with producing healthy levels of breast milk

Along with various benefits for the women reproductive system, Shatavari has benefits for the male reproductive system too.

Add 1/2 to 1 Teaspoon of powder to plain water

Product of India

Organic Veda Shatavari Powder (200g)

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