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Cooling and balancing with an irresistably floral aroma. A luxurious addition to any skincare preparation. Also makes a wonderfully uplifting spritz.

Bulgarian Rose hydrosol has the most sublime of fragrances. Rose hydrosol is cooling and when used in facial care, is suitable for normal to dry, mature, or sensitive skin. It can be added to other beauty products to enhance the aroma and add benefit. These are all completely pure therapeutic quality hydrosols. This is a pure natural therapeutic quality hydrosol from Bulgaria. All our hydrosols (hydrolats) are the pure and simple product from steam distillation. They do not contain alcohol or preservative. Using Hydrosols Hydrosols (also referred to hydrolats) have a delicate nature and a light aroma. They are ideal for situations that require gentle aromatic care, especially for children, the elderly, the highly sensitive, and those who are very debilitated by illness. They do not require dilution and can be applied directly to the skin.


Here are some of their most popular uses and some that you may not have encountered before.

  • Hydrate and moisturise your skin
  • Soothe sunburn
  • Cool the effects of hot flushes
  • Refreshing facial toners for all skin types
  • Perfect as a body mist
  • Set make-up Add to facial masks
  • Freshen linens
  • Mist house plants
  • Make soothing eye pads
  • Make "wet wipes" for hands, faces and baby's bottoms (simply mist a tissue) Flavour natural yoghurt with rose water.

Oshadhi Rose Blossom Bulgarian Organic Hydrolate (Hydrosol) (500ml)

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