Our 100% pure shavegrass horsetail tea has been used in traditional medicine mainly for removing stones from the excretory system and for improving health.


Strong Bones

Shavegrass contains silica that induces bone cell growth and human bone regeneration by encouraging calcium absorption. Traditionally, it is used to speed up bone healing after fractures and in treating osteoporosis.


Water Retention

Shavegrass is a natural and gentle diuretic and is used as a natural remedy for excess fluid retention, Kidney stones, bladder stones and urinary tract infections. It is traditionally used to speed up the excretion of kidney stones.


Anti Diabetes

A study published in the "Journal of Enthnopharmacology" in 2002 looked at the effects of shavegrass on patients with Type 2 diabetes. Some were given one dose of the extract orally, while others were given a placebo. Scientists measured the patients glucose levels at different intervals and found that glucose levels were significantly reduced at 90 minutes, two hours and three hours after consuming shavegrass, as compared to the placebo, showing its capability at balancing blood glucose levels.


Steep a teaspoon in 200-250 ml of boiling water for 5 min. Strain and enjoy.

PLANTWISE Shavegrass Tea (20 Herb Bags)


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