Radish sprouts have a strong, spicy taste. The contained mustard oils give them a slight sharpness. Sprouts are the easiest way to bring important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals and fiber into your diet in every season - freshly harvested and "regionally" from your windowsill!


radish seeds * (Raphanus sativus var. Sativus)
* = ingredients from organic farming
** = ingredients from organic, dynamic cultivation
Special features
from European cultivation

ideal as a topping for salads, bread, pan dishes and soups as well as in cream cheese and dips Instructions for

Rinse thoroughly with clear water before sowing and eating. The formation of fiber roots is possible. Use 1 tablespoon of seeds per seed coat or seed jar Soak for twelve hours. Water twice a day and harvest after 4-5 days.


Radish seeds are cleaned and packaged.

Made in

EU Agriculture

Origin of the main ingredient (s)
Various countries

Storage information Store
cool, dry and protected from light.

Rapunzel Biosnacky Radieschen - Little Radish (40g)


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