Santénatur Potato Winter Balm "Chest and Back" from your specialist shop is a unique product to replace the tried and tested potato wrap. Simply apply a cold ointment to the chest and back instead, or apply to the chest like a compress with a bed bottle or cherry pit pillow. The combination contains a large proportion of potato juice (organic/Switzerland) from fresh potatoes. The perfume consists of a very effective but mild mixture of essential oils, which are used especially in winter.


The balm warms, frees and facilitates breathing. Due to the particularly gentle essential oils without camphor, eucalyptus or rosemary, Potato Balsam is suitable for chest and back even for toddlers and infants. Dermatologically tested! The main ingredients are jojoba oil, almond oil and vegetable waxes/oils.

Antibacterial & Antiviral

Product of Switzerland.

Santenatur Potato Balm Cold Time (150ml)