Santénatur potato cream "skin, hands, feet" from your specialist shop is a unique product for well-groomed hands and feet. The combination contains a large portion of organic potato juice (Switzerland) from fresh potatoes. The perfume consists of a mild blend of essential oils which have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating properties. The skin becomes soft, supple and cared for.


The balm does not grease, absorbs quickly and makes the skin wonderfully soft. For the prevention of calluses and to strengthen severely stressed skin. Particularly suitable for daily skin care - all day long. The essential oils inhibit viruses, bacteria and fungi. Therefore Santénatur, Potato Balsam is ideal in winter when everyone has a cold or when you are in contact with many people. The main ingredients are jojoba oil, almond oil and vegetable waxes/oils.


Product of Switzerland

Santenatur Potato Skin Cream (150ml)