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Sindyanna EVOO- Unified (House Blend) 100ml


House Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil This well-balanced fruity house blend is composed of our award-winning Barne’a, Coratina and Arbequina cultivars. The wonderful aroma exudes green apple combined with herbal notes of fresh za’atar, thyme, and cinnamon. Light bitterness and pungency provide a strong finish with a lingering herbal flavor.


Sindyanna Happier Honey - 125g

Sindyanna of Galilee sells pure unheated and unfiltered honey produced from wildflowers in the Galilee and the Jezreel Valley. The honey is produced by Ibrahim Kilan who raises bees in the ancient tradition of Galilean villages, supplemented by modern know how. Our delicious, nutritious honey is sold in jars to the fair trade market in Israel and the rest of the world, and is also used as a natural additive to Sindyanna’s olive oil & honey soaps.


Sindyanna Za'atar Spice Mix - 40g

Za’atar , the spice blend is a mixture of dried za’atar leaves (the hyssop of the Bible, also known as Syrian marjoram) together with a combination of other ingredients: sesame seeds, sumac, olive oil, and sea salt. Sindyanna of Galilee’s fair trade za’atar mix is produced in a traditional way from shade dried za’atar leaves that are grown in the Galilee by Arab farmers. We use a unique recipe that adds high quality roasted organic sesame seeds, sea salt, sumac and organic olive oil to the ground leaves. Za’atar is a very popular spice in the local kitchen. It is used as a seasoning for meats and vegetables, and can also be sprinkled on humus or labaneh (yogurt drained to make a tangy creamy cheese), or mixed with olive oil and eaten with pita bread.


Product of Israel

Sindyanna Gift Box Mixed EVOO + Zaatar + Honey

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