Sodasan Dish Liquid Sensitive 500ml


Specially formulated for the needs of individuals who suffer from allergies and their sensitive skin. Cleans dishes in a naturally powerful way. Free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives and therefore extra gentle on your skin. For shiny clean dishes and sparkling cutlery. The exceptional skin-friendly properties have been confirmed by dermatologists. Refillable.


Carefully selected plant-based ingredients cleans dishes in a naturally powerful way and are also particularly gentle on your skin. Very efficient washing-up liquid for handwashing. Also suitable for sensitive crockery and cutlery.


100% ingredients of natural origin. Easily and completely biodegradable. Free from synthetic dyes, preservatives and fragrances. Without petrochemicals and GMOs. Without enzymes and microplastics. Vegan.



aqua lauryl

glucoside decyl

glucoside disodium


citrate potassium


xanthan gum


Product of Germany

Sodasan Dish Liquid Sensitive 500ml