Sodasan Laundry Liquid Sensitive 1.5L



Specially formulated for the needs of individuals who suffer from allergies and their sensitive skin.Powerful cleaning at temperatures from 30°C to 95°C.Powerfully removes dirt and stains.Colours stay bright even after many washes.The exceptional skin-friendly properties have been confirmed by dermatologists.


Efficient, unscented detergent for deep cleaning & vibrant colours with exceptional skin-friendly properties. This innovative formula with certified organic vegetable soap is suitable for washing at temperatures between 30°C and 95°C.You can pre-treat particularly stubborn stains with sodasan Stain Remover or sodasan Gall Soap. We recommend adding sodasan Oxygen Bleach to heavily soiled laundry.


100% ingredients of natural origin.10% of ingredients are from certified organic agriculture.Easily and completely biodegradable.Free from synthetic dyes, preservatives and fragrances.Without petrochemicals and GMOs.Without enzymes and microplastics.Without optical brighteners.Vegan.




aquapotassium soap*lauryl glucosidedecyl glucosidepotassium citratesodium carbonatealcohol* denat.*Made with certified organic ingredients.


Product of Germany

Sodasan Laundry Liquid Sensitive 1.5L