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  • Relieves Dry Eyes naturally
  • Improves Vision
  • Reduces the risk of cataracts
  • Anti-Oxidant support
  • Nourishes your Eyes
  • Expect other benefits as well


A Power Packed Source of Lutein and other Antioxidants.

Due to advancement in technology, young people who spent most of timein front of computer would find their eye-sight deteriorating pre-maturely at a fast rate Natural coloring substance contained in blueberry is called anthocyanin and this is effective in relieving stress in eyes, and enhances nigh vision. Helps the eye to facilitate visual acuity after exposure to bright light flashes There are supplements in the market but when you choose be sure it has the right amounts of lutein and other important antioxidants to preserve your retina and macula from degeneration. Super blueberry has the right powerful antioxidants of blueberryrich in the Vitamin C & E and the adequate amount of lutein for your macula to function well. Additionally, super blueberry has grape seed oil, beta carotene, astaxanthin with carotenoids; and casis extract which are important antioxidants that guard against aging of your retina and macula. The Ginkgo biloba in super blueberry increases blood circulation; the eyebright helps in eye inflammation; the soybean provides gamma fatty acid 6 or linoleic acid; lamprey with vitamin A which helps in clear vision. Super berry has acer nikoense, an ancient traditional Japanese remedy for eye disorders. Now, take a break and take your super blackberry. You won’t go wrong!

Health Trends Super Blueberry

  • 60 Capsules

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