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Tea Voyage Plantwise Lemongrass (2.5g x 20 Tea Bags)

Studies indicate that lemongrass tea has anti-microbial properties. helping to prevent or slow the growth of bacteria and fungi. Studies also found that lemongrass can help protect the body cells from damage by free radicals, which are formed during digestion or when exposed to toxins. Overtime, these free radicals damage body cells and raise the risk of chronic problems. Lemongrass acts by activating an enzyme, glutathione S-transferase, that detoxifies free radicals and helps the body rid itself of them.

Prior to using any herb to treat a condition, please consult a licensed health care practitioner.

2.5g x 20 tea bags.

Tea Voyage Plantwise Lemongrass (2.5g x 20 Teabags)

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