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Tea Voyage Plantwise Smooth Joints (15 bags x 3.5g)


Java Leaf provides immediate relief from gout, joint pain and stiffness. An infusion is also good for tackling kidney stones, relieves stress and gives your body a much needed gentle detox.

Cat's Claw has been used by South Americans for centuries to combat arthritis, with studies showing its effectiveness in relieving joint pain with no known side effects. It contains the precious compound pentacyclic oxindole in its bark, which blocks inflammatory molecules in the body and releases immune% regulating factors, making it effective in reducing tenderness and pain in the joints. It also protects cartilage cells, helping to maintain cartilage health and prevent cartilage breakdown.


Lemongrass contains the active compounds citral and geranial, which stop the release of oinflammation causing markers in the body. Studies on people with rheumatoid arthritis found lemongrass to decrease their arthritis pain, where on average, pain levels were reduced from 80 to 50 percent just within 30 days.


Bentong Ginger contains salicylates which prevent the nerves from making prostaglandins which causes pain, greatly easing pain an discomfort, and has been used traditionally to combat arthritis. Our Bentong Ginger is authentically grown in the Bentong mountains and contains high levels of 100% naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compounds. Regular Drinkers of Bentong Ginger experience much reduced severe knee pain upon standing and walking.

Tea Voyage Plantwise Smooth Joints (15 bags x 3.5g)

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