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Uniflora Propolis Extracts are made with 100% Brazilian Green Propolis highly concentrated (consider one of the best of the world), obtained starting from controlled raw Propolis, collect in areas free of contamination, using equipment developed to maximize the extraction process.It is produced at 60 Brix Grade and is of medium strength. We recommend it to people who are not able, or don't like, to use alcoholic products.This product is also Wax Free, which means, no residue when dilute in water. 



RESTRICTIONS People sensitive to propolis should not use the product. SIDE EFFECTS No side effects have been reported for this product however, a small amount should be tested on skin for possible allergic reaction.

Go Pure Propolis Extract (30 ml)


    Our recommendations of use that are shown below are only for reference. Depending on the age, weight and body response it could be increased or decreased.

    External use - to apply directly on the affected area, properly clean and dry.

    Internal use:

    Adults: 20 drops, 03 time a day, preferred in fast. It can be ingested pure or with milk, water, honey or juice.

    Children: (over 5 years old) half of the dose.

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