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Of course, you can also buy germinated sprouts in your organic supermarket. It makes sense to buy them in the supermarket if you never tried sprouts before and you only wants to try them. However, we recommend you grow sprouts yourself, because own sprouting is cheaper, more productive and healthier. Rapunzel offers a great selection of bioSnacky sprouting seeds, you can experiment with mixing the individual varieties or you can purchase ready-made sprouting seed mixtures. 

The shorter the time between harvest and consumption, the more you benefit from valuable substances - home-grown sprouts can be freshly harvested. Sprouts provide essential amino acids that your body absorbs quickly. They are low in calories and rich in fibers - for a good digestion, for your general well-being and a healthy body weigth. 

During the germination phase, plants produce the highest concentration of valuable nutrients - therefore sprouts are crunchy power packages and perfect nutrient suppliers. And what's best: this power food requires only 2 to 5 minutes of daily care. 

Organic Rapunzel sprouts are untreated, free from any additives and GMO-free; they need no herbicides or fertilzers and consume no energy. Growing your own sprouts is also good for the environment! You can grow sprouts at home throughout the entire year - there are no other vegetables as cost-effective as home-grown sprouts. 

Home-grown sprouts are eye-catchers for your kitchen and supply you with totally fresh nutrients. 

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