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  • Effective natural remedies and medicinal products made from freshly harvested plants.

  • Healthy food products and dietary supplements made from organic raw materials.


A. Vogel

For years, BarleyGreen® has been the leading whole food supplement available. It is processed in a unique manner allowing it to retain all the vital nutrients and active enzymes found in fresh barley grass juice.

Dr. Hagiwara’s Premier Product, BarleyGreen® is nature’s perfectly balanced, concentrated green food. It is a highly nutrition, naturally alkaline powder made from certified organic barley grass juice. It supplies an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients that support every system of the body on a daily basis.*

Barley Green

Connecting people to nature and good health. That’s how it all started in 1974. Today Comvita continues that vision by researching and selecting sources of natural ingredients, carefully tending and harvesting them to preserve their purity.

In 1974 Comvita founders Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen imagined people living healthy lives. Bees were their inspiration, and honey their medicine.


We here at Botanica Culture International Pte. Ltd. believe that optimal health is a wonderful whole being experience. We started with Oral Botanica Classic, an organic liquid toothpaste. Why do we start with an oral care product? Because we believe: The mouth is the gate to overall health. After a successful launch of Oral Botanica Classic, we brought Oral Botanica Kids into the market. Oral Botanica Kids was developed to provide chemical free solution for the children’s teeth.

We are not stopping here, we are striving to develop care products which includes oral care, lip care, skin care and therapeutic organic essential oils. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of our products. Hearing the positive feedback from our customers is the most satisfactory experience for us.

Botanica Culture

Broccoli Sprouts are growing in reputation as nature’s nutritional powerhouse as they are 20 times more nutritional than any other plant available in the world. DNH has encapsulated this 100% pure and organic Broccoli Sprout Powder, now available in bottles of 80 vegecaps



Down To Earth aspires to be the go-to brand for anyone seeking natural relief from pain, inflammation, abrasions or skin problems, as well as those wanting to make and keep their skin healthy through naturally active botanical skincare. Inspired and assisted by nature, we support our customers through exceptional products that enhance the body’s natural repair processes. Our products are developed to promote long-term health and care.
We are the natural choice.

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Down To Earth

In 1995, Dr. Chris Reynolds, a general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia, discovered that an extract of wheatgrass assisted recovery in a number of medical conditions . He also noted many of his patients gained considerably more energy and stamina, and felt generally much better in themselves after drinking a diluted form of the extract.


Over the ensuing years, Dr. Reynolds went on to discover many other medical uses for the extract and, via his website, conveyed many of his observations and discussed his ideas on how he thought wheatgrass achieves its success as a healing agent. He believes this has little to do with the nutritional value of wheatgrass. Instead, it is more likely due to the effects of the powerful Grass Juice Factor. This can have very positive effects on both the skin and the body’s immune status.


It was this concept that prompted Dr. Chris to establish his Company in February, 2002 to research and develop health-related wheatgrass-based products.


Dr Wheatgrass

We at DUPLEX are on an ongoing mission of providing you with top-quality, natural, science-based nutritional supplements to support your total well-being and health and assist you in becoming a better and healthier you.

Duplex Max Joint Plus 60 Capsules _Front


In a world that is over-complicated and over-processed, we aim to provide a better, simpler, cleaner solution for you and your family without the toxic overload.

The principles of quality, efficacy, integrity, and purity have guided the development of our products over the last 25 years and continue to be what the company is recognized for.

This starts from a foundation of pure ingredients based on plants, not petrochemicals; adding to our pure botanical extracts only what is really needed and nothing else, no fillers or nasty additives, without ever losing efficacy in what the products deliver.

We source the best quality ingredients and mix them by hand here in Vancouver, preserving their integrity by doing so in small batches. We oversee every stage of the development and manufacturing process in our Health Canada site-licensed facility.

No animal testing, just willing friends and family!

Ferlow Botanicals

Our Supplements are proudly made up of only the finest ingredients and are All-Natural.

We emphasize our products on Quality & formulation to perfection.

Manufactured in Japan under strict regimes.

Our products are widely available in Japanese Pharmacies & Organic shops in Singapore.

Health Trends

Himalayan Premium Foods started Organic farming of vegetables and herbs in Kathmandu, Nepal in continuation of our belief that one should not pollute the environment in the name of mass production of foods with harmful chemicals and pesticides.
Besides the supply from our farm, we work in co-operative with individual and small organic farmers as a vehicle to support and create a  sustainable future. We also work with a social enterprise which produces our candies and spices.

All the foods and vegetables grown organically by us and our associates, we are supplying to various  Organic shop ,Hotels in kathmandu , Nepal. Now we have already established shop in singapore which carries organic vegetables, groceries,oils,beans and many more all are harvested and grown in Nepal.

Himalayan Premium Foods

Insan Bamboo Salt is vital to cleansing blood cells. It detoxifies the organs and stimulates cellular metabolism. It has an alkalizing effect on your body as well as water and food.  It provides long range benefits for the immune system. 

  • Bamboo salt is a strong detoxification agent: Its strong penetrative ability accelerates toxin neutralization and helps to eliminate toxin out of the body.

  • Bamboo salt cleanses, regulates and nourishes our body without any side effects: It can be taken together with other health supplements; it can neutralize toxins and raise the rate of nutrient absorption more than ten times.



VC Essence Lotion

  • The lotion contains a water-soluble vitamin C derivative. It is a soft-feel lotion. It may also be used for iontophoresis. It is recommended for people troubled by acne, shininess, and stickiness.

Caspian Sea Yogurt

  • Caspian Sea Yogurt" is a popular yogurt in Japan that can be easily made at home. The feature of the yogurt is a less sour taste and creamy type of yogurt with distinctive viscosity. 

Amino Scalp Shampoo

  • Non-silicon Aminoscalp shampoo is a skincare shampoo that focuses on improving and maintaining the scalp environment for growing strong, healthy hair. 



MD Therapeutics is a medical nutrition company founded on the principle that quality nutrition improves lives. 

We formulate only products based on the highest standards of clinical evidence and produced in strict conformance to current Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP). 

Our nutritional supplements are backed by research of international medical scientists and prescribed by medical practitioners around the world.


MD Therapeutics


We believe in eating your way to health, and that health can, and should taste great. We believe that health doesn’t have to be a chore, it doesn’t have to be a bad tasting experience and it isn’t a pill that you pop and you’re done. We believe in using the best possible ingredients and, wherever possible, that’s Australian organic. We believe in helping people make healthier choices by offering great tasting products to support their wellbeing. We believe in Australia. We are proudly 100% Australian owned.



Melrose Health

At My Health Matter, we treasure the quality of life and believe in helping people to restore their health by overcoming everyday challenges. We are dedicated to seeking out the latest information, technologies and knowhow to help us to maximize our potential to live life better.


My Health Matter (MHM)

Since 1991, we were the pioneers to introduce the organic food movements in Asia, following Japan. Organic foods were grown and processed without harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, without chemicals and preservatives and without genetic modified organisms (GMOs). They were also sustainable and much better for the environment.

Nature's Glory Plum Ball _ Small_ Front_

Nature's Glory

Organic based hair Colouring

With Certified Organic Ingredients, NATURIGIN offers you the most natural way of coloring your hair on the market.

NATURIGIN offers Organic based hair colouring!

We are a private limited family owned company situated by the port of Aarhus, Denmark. We consist of a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about health and ecology in search of high quality organic products within the personal hair care sector. Currently we manufacture 19 fabulous organic based hair colours containing Certified Organic Ingredients*.



We are the only company which produces Japanese kefir (NKG-kefir) in Japan . In addition, NIHON KEFIA has research data the most in the world. Its research is still going by Kyusyu University, Oita University and Hiroshima University and so on.( National universities in Japan) Our product is manufactured only in Japan. We have a lot of experience of manufacturing for more than 35 years. NKG Kefir is the safe and trustable Brand. C.E.O. Koichiro Tokumaru History April 1977, Nihon General Industry Co.,Ltd. w

Ninja Meal_front_WBG.jpg

Nihon Kefia

We provide the wholesome goodness you may be missing out on. Our products are certified organic whenever possible and packed with essential nutrition to boost your everyday health. We work hard to maintain the integrity of all we produce, from the highest quality ingredients in our blends to the drying methods that preserve the most amount of nutritional value. We don’t use artificial colours, flavours, synthetics or ingredients.

Product of Australia


Nutra Organics

Renovatio Bioscience was born from a world first breakthrough in antioxidant extraction.

Developed at the University of Newcastle, Australia and with the assistance of the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the founder of Renovatio was the first in the world to extract and activate phenolic antioxidant compounds from fruit using only water.

This breakthrough in technology has meant that Renovatio can produce the world’s only 100% natural phenolic antioxidant compound from the world’s healthiest fruit – Australian apples.

Renovatio’s phenolic antioxidant compound is stable, versatile and importantly 90% bioavailable in the body. Combined with being the only single source true broad spectrum antioxidant available, as well as almost 100% resistant to pro-oxidation – Renovatio produces the world’s most potent dietary and topical ‘ultra’ antioxidant products that can be used by everyone, everyday.

Activated Phenolics Tablet_front_NBG.png


The Rochway Brand was established in 2006. Our products are manufactured by BJP Laboratories, one of Australia’s leading TGA/cGMP contract manufacturers of listed Probiotic medicines. Our probiotic products are stocked in more than 2,000 pharmacies and health food stores throughout Australia and is exported to more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.



Unlike traditional antiperspirants, which block the skin’s pores and impede the body’s natural sweat production process, Salt of the Earth won’t block your pores, instead it works by leaving a thin layer of natural mineral salts on your skin, which inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Comprising 100% natural ingredients, including natural botanical extracts and oils, mineral salts and organic Aloe Vera, Salt of the Earth is kind to skin, allowing your body to function naturally, while protecting you from body-odour. 

What’s more, Salt of the Earth deodorants are kind on clothing and won’t leave any embarrassing white marks!


Salt of the Earth

Tea Voyage is a boutique tea company in Singapore. We retail and wholesale the best quality teas, herbs and flowers to discerning tea lovers who are looking for organic and natural teas, minimally processed with only the most natural flavors.


Salt of the Earth


Sindyanna of Galilee, a unique non-profit organization led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working to create social change from the ground up. Our goals are to produce outstanding olive oil and other premium food products, while enhancing Arab-Jewish cooperation, promoting Fair Trade, creating economic opportunities for Arab women, and assisting local growers and producers.


Sindyanna of Galilee

 Founded in 2016, The Base Collective’s range is organically derived, and proudly hosts a wide range of certified organic products, made with only the most natural ingredients and non-toxic components. Presented in stylish, low environmental impact packaging, everything created by the Base Collective is designed to promote the idea of transparency and fit seamlessly into one’s life. 


The Base Collective

Turmeric, also known as the golden spice, has been used in Ayurveda, the Indian system of holistic health, for nearly 4000 years. In Sanskrit, Turmeric has at least 53 different names including ‘Jayanti’, meaning one that overcomes.

The ingredients for the mix are certified organic*, natural and GMO free, sourced directly from farmers in Sri Lanka, to support communities and help them grow and prosper.

Turmeric Latte Mix _ Front.jpg

Nature's Harvest

Uniflora Apicultores Associados Ltda was founded in August 1992, when a group of beekeepers worried about introducing their products directly to retail customers decided to change things. In a market where there were poor quality and unreliable products they decided to provide customers with packaging and labels easier to use and identify, reliable quality and pure products. Uniflora nowadays is the largest honey and bee by products industry in Latin America, based on up-to-date technology, and always seeking to accomplish an important mission: supply pure bees by products.
Bee by products (honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly) have being receiving special treatment in developed countries, including research in Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Centers where it's therapeutically properties have been proved constantly.

Uniflora Bee Propolis Extract _ Front_ W