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Sacha inchi has been branded as a Super Food due to its excellent source of essential fatty acids, proteins, and amino acids. Sacha Inchi is 100% vegetarian and a chemical-free source of protein which is perfect for muscle maintenance and growth. There is no additional flavoring and preservatives added and is easy to digest. Sacha Inchi oil is used in vegetarian diets to provide a plant source for Omega-3 fatty acids and contains nothing that is toxic or damaging to good health, so there is no restriction on how a person can consume.

Sacha Inchi can be used in many ways. Add it your salad as a dressing or sprinkle it onto your cooking to add a special flavor to the food. When added to beverages, it gives off a deliciously nutty aroma. Medically, Sacha Inchi can be used in the fight against diabetes, relieving various symptoms of asthma, boosting immune system and can even be applied on wounds. Sacha Inchi is also widely used in cosmetics for the skin and hair. It is an excellent addition to you and your family’s daily diet to maintain overall health.

Established in 2016, Sacha Inchi Pte Ltd started as a distributor of Sacha Inchi products in Singapore as a home-grown brand.

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