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Uniflora Apicultores Associados Ltda was founded in August 1992, when a group of beekeepers worried about introducing their products directly to retail customers decided to change things. In a market where there were poor quality and unreliable products they decided to provide customers with packaging and labels easier to use and identify, reliable quality and pure products. Uniflora nowadays is the largest honey and bee by products industry in Latin America, based on up-to-date technology, and always seeking to accomplish an important mission: supply pure bees by products.
Bee by products (honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly) have being receiving special treatment in developed countries, including research in Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Centers where it�s therapeutically properties have been proved constantly.
Uniflora has being suppling Asiatic (Japan, Korea and Taiwan) and North American (USA and Canada) markets. Our factory is located in the city of Olimpia in SouthEast area of Brazil, with a capacity to process 400 tons of honey per month and to bottle one million units per month.
Uniflora has being developing new lines of products, in partnership with national universities, destined to domestic and international markets. These new products fit to the demand of the international market for health foods (health products), where natural compounds are connected with therapeutic characteristics, as they naturally appear in bee by products.
From the original idea of a company designed just to market the products of its members, the company has grown up with cutting edge technology and high quality, developing new products and opening new markets, both domestic and foreign. This fact has contributed to the increasing demand and knowledge of our products and its quality as well as of the Brazilian bee by products as a whole.

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