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Propolight is an absolutely natural product, that gathers the qualities of the honey and the anti bacterial, antiseptic and anesthetic actions of the propolis. It comes in a practical flask with valve for aspersion and a pleasant mint flavor.



Propolis is a resinous and balsamic substance, and it has different types of colorations and consistencies, varying to brown color to dark green. It is produced by the bees from leave sprouts and exudates of plants, and used inside the beehive, " to hold " comb honey, to varnish the alveoli, to close gaps and to avoid entrance of cold wind and natural enemies: fungus and bacteria.


Chemical composition of the propolis depends on the botanical ecology of each area and by the bee race. Until now, there are already more than 200 chemical compounds identified in the Brazilian Propolis, like flavonoids, aromatic acids, terpenoids, aldehydes, alcohols, aliphatic acid and esters, amino acids, steroids, etc. The intense studies on propolis reveal that these compounds are for its several physiologic actions: anti-microbe (it works as a natural anti bacterial), anti-inflammatory, healing, anesthetic and antioxidant (it combats the free radicals).


The honey used by Uniflora comes from Brazilian Beekeepers associated and approved with constant verification of the production. All the lots when received in the company are analyzed strictly, not only in reference to the purity, but also to the hygienic conditions of extraction, physical chemical and microbiological properties that guarantee the high quality of the product.



The Mentha genus comprises about 25 different species from mints, which belong to the family Labiatae. It is known due its culinary use and of teas with medicinal effect, and also being known mainly by its flavor and refreshing aroma characteristic. Uniflora uses the Mentha piperita, also known as mint pepper, which presents in its composition cineol, limonene, vitamins C and D, terpene, tannins, flavonoids (mentoside, luteolin, isoroifolina), menthol, cafeic acid, among other compositions.



This product has been sold for the last 20 years, mainly in Brazil and Japan.



SIDE EFFECTS There are no concrete reports. There is no counter indication.


Product of Brazil

Uniflora Propolight 30 Propolis Spray (35 ml)


    To apply 03 jets in the mouth and throat at least 04 times a day. There are no restrictions to increase the dose. It is recommended for children over 1 year old. This product has 30% of pure Brazilian Bee Propolis extract. Brazilian Green Propolis is considered the best of the world.

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