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Dr Wheatgrass

Dr Wheatgrass

How To Take &/or Apply Dr Wheatgrass for Maximum Benefit

Research shows that wheatgrass contains numerous bioactives that help "normalise" damaged tissue cells. To take the extract orally, hold it in your mouth for a minute before swallowing. This will enable better absorption of the bioactives into the bloodstream compared with simply tossing it down your throat where they will be destroyed by stomach acid.

When applying wheatgrass to your skin, again, use a small amount and spread it lightly over the affected area - no more than once a day. In some cases, e.g. leg and foot ulcers, only apply once a week. 

How is Wheatgrass Extract different to Wheatgrass Juice?

Juicing does not extract all bioactive material from wheatgrass sprouts whereas our extraction process yields a very high percentage. Also, because it takes several months for our extract to mature, a high bioactive return is achieved.  
Finally, wheatgrass extract is a slightly brown, clear liquid. It is not green because there is no chlorophyll left in the extract. This is not important because chlorophyll has no known therapeutic benefits. Also, fresh wheatgrass juice can be difficult to ingest due its odour and taste. By comparison, wheatgrass extract (Supershots) is quite tasty and tolerated by all ages including young children and infants.
Finally, unlike fresh wheatgrass juice, our wheatgrass extract is shelf-stable and still drinkable for at least two years if kept at room temperature.

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