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Prodan Tartufi

Prodan Tartufi


The core activity of our family business has been truffle hunting, preserved as a tradition through generations, as well as the distribution of our own products made from the Istrian truffle and finest natural ingredients to our customers and consumers.

During the white and black truffle growth season, we deliver fresh truffles to numerous restaurants and truffle lovers all over the country and the world.


Our vision is to be a respected and desirable business partner, recognized in the market and known for the flawless quality of its products and services. By building friendly relations and caring for nature, we seek to protect the interests of our customers, business partners and our living and working environment.

Our greatest value is our long-standing family tradition, with which we have created an original brand, offering the best flavors, tastes and experiences of Istria to everyone.

All our products are made in Croatia, using produce from the pure and unspoiled Istrian nature.

The efforts, dedication and accountability of the whole family, and above all our passion and love of truffles – those are the ingredients that make our products special and give them their recognizable and irresistible flavor and aroma.

The entire process of truffle processing, storage and distribution is marked by high quality and the application of the HACCP standard.

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