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Insan Bamboo Salt (Korean = Jukyeom)

Insan Bamboo Salt is vital to cleansing blood cells. It detoxifies the organs and stimulates cellular metabolism. It has an alkalizing effect on your body as well as water and food.  It provides long range benefits for the immune system. 

  • Bamboo salt is a strong detoxification agent: Its strong penetrative ability accelerates toxin neutralization and helps to eliminate toxin out of the body.

  • Bamboo salt has amazing restorative capacity: It is a powerful antioxidant and it heals damaged cells, inhibits the growth of cancerous cells and restores the normal functions of internal organs.  

  • Bamboo salt has amazing balancing ability: It balances the essential ratio of trace elements and the pH of body fluid (Germs cannot survive in human blood with pH value of 7.35 ~ 7.45). 

  • Bamboo salt is a high energy food: Bamboo salt can release stronger far-infra red light when heated. This causes the hydrogen atoms in the body fluid to vibrate at the rate of 1 trillion times per second to regenerate cells and promote metabolism.

  • Bamboo salt cleanses, regulates and nourishes our body without any side effects: It can be taken together with other health supplements; it can neutralize toxins and raise the rate of nutrient absorption more than ten times.

Balancing Effects of Bamboo Salt:

  • Maintains the balance of matter (minerals, nutrients, etc.) in the body: Bamboo salt is a food that is very rich in trace elements. In fact, it is known as the "Treasure Vault of Trace Elements". As a result, it can maintain the balance of matter in the body.

  • Maintains the balance of various activities in the body: This effect is achieved by strengthening metabolism, maintaining the normal activities of cells, promoting the normal activity of the blood circulatory system, digestive system, urinary system, joints system and skin defensive system.

  • Maintains the balance of pH value in the body: The pH value of our make up is alkaline internally and the skin outside is of weak acidity. People suffering form illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers normally have acidic body constitution. However, bacteria and germs cannot survive in alkaline environment. Bamboo salt is able to balance the pH value of body fluids (especially the blood) thus changing the acidic constitution into alkaline body constitution to prevent sicknesses and their further development.

  • Bamboo salt maintains the balance of body energy level: During processing, bamboo salt absorbs a great quantity of cosmic energy and it gets stored up during the high heating to speed the cooling process. When taken the energy is then released in the human body to activate cells, vitalize the internal body organs and enhance the immune system.


Finally, the water content of the salt is removed at a high temperature of over 1000oC. According to the principle of eastern Theory of "Ying & Yang" and "Five Elements", the element of fire produces the earth element, the earth element produces the gold element.

The salt absorbs minerals and trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, germanium, selenium etc from the bamboo, yellow clay, and the pine. The high temperature of 1000oC also helps to eliminate the salt contents of impurities, harmful substances and heavy metals that can cause damage to the body. This process also causes the bamboo juice, sulfur, pine resin and the yellow clay medicine contents to mix thoroughly with the salt.

The salt is completely melted in the furnace at the end of the ninth baking at above 1000oC. The liquid salt flows out of the furnace, is then cooled to become solid. It is grayish with a tinge or red in color. The solid is then broken into granules or powder. This is Bamboo Salt that we see today.

Salt is Food

Salt is essential to maintain life. It is not merely a seasoning but a basic food. All forms of life, whether it is human life, animal life or even plant life, need salt to survive. Long term inadequate salt intake can cause general body weakness, dizziness, edema, muscle spasms, dehydration, heart problem etc. Medically this is known as salt depletion.

  • Jukyeom is a health salt extracted from the burning process using five major sub-materials that is the sun dried salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean Peninsula, bamboo plants of more than three years old, pure yellow soil from deep valleys, pine tree firewood and steel furnace.

  • Jukyeom is a safe salt because it is completely pollution-free, it does not contain the harmful elements of ordinary sun dried sea salt, and it has no sodium troubles by chemical refined salt.

  • The 'jukyeom' means 'bamboo salt' literally but it is a proper noun invented by Korean Divine Herbalist Insan Kim (1909-1992). We can also spell it 'jukyom' in English.

  • Neither systematic methodology of jukyeom manufacture, nor any analysis of its ingredients or proper application for any particular purpose was carried out until the publication of the book 'The Universe and God's Medicine' by Il-hoon (Insan) Kim in 1981.

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