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Renovatio Bioscience was born from a world first breakthrough in antioxidant extraction.

Developed at the University of Newcastle, Australia and with the assistance of the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the founder of Renovatio was the first in the world to extract and activate phenolic antioxidant compounds from fruit using only water.

This breakthrough in technology has meant that Renovatio can produce the world’s only 100% natural phenolic antioxidant compound from the world’s healthiest fruit – Australian apples.

Renovatio’s phenolic antioxidant compound is stable, versatile and importantly 90% bioavailable in the body. Combined with being the only single source true broad spectrum antioxidant available, as well as almost 100% resistant to pro-oxidation – Renovatio produces the world’s most potent dietary and topical ‘ultra’ antioxidant products that can be used by everyone, everyday.

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