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Himalayan Premium Foods

Himalayan Premium Foods started Organic farming of vegetables and herbs in Kathmandu, Nepal in continuation of our belief that one should not pollute the environment in the name of mass production of foods with harmful chemicals and pesticides.The grains and vegetables grown on the mountains and hills grows to the timetable of mother nature. It takes a little longer to harvest, thus the nutritional value, minerals contents, taste and flavor is rich in Nepal grown vegetables.
We started our farm in 2011 incorporating traditional and  organic farming methods which is chemical and pesticide free using which is non-gmo seeds. We use rain and spring water for watering the plants. Plants, wood waste, cow dung are made into compost which is used as natural fertilizers. Besides the supply from our farm, we work in co-operative with individual and small organic farmers as a vehicle to support and create a  sustainable future. We also work with a social enterprise which produces our candies and spices.

All the foods and vegetables grown organically by us and our associates, we are supplying to various  Organic shop ,Hotels in kathmandu , Nepal. Now we have already established shop in singapore which carries organic vegetables, groceries,oils,beans and many more all are harvested and grown in Nepal.

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