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100% Organic Essential Oil

When you need to calm your mind and focus deeply, turn to our Cedarwood oil. Warm and comforting, the rich woody aroma evokes the nurturing quiet of the forest. One of the oldest aromatics, Cedarwood oil can treat everything from skin irritations to stress; it’s also a great hair tonic for stronger, shinier tresses.


Cedarwood oil is cleansing and moisturising, and helps your skin, hair and scalp remain healthy.

It soothes irritations, treats infections, redness and itchiness, and can prevent acne breakouts. It also heals minor cuts and scrapes.

If you have arthritis, achy joints or sore muscles, Cedarwood oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are just what you need.



100% Organic Cedarwood Oil

Steam distilled from the wood of the Atlas Cedar tree



Botanical NameCedrus atlantica
Country of OriginMorocco
AromaEarthy, dry, sweet, woody with a honey overtone
Chemical ConstituentsB-himachalene, g-himachalene, d-cadiene



Dilute before using Cedarwood topically.

Keep out of reach of children

If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.

Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas of the body.

Botanica Culture Cedarwood Oil (Atlas Cedar) 15ml

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