What is Oral Botanica KIDS


Children’s teeth can be very difficult to care for. Both delicate and fragile; they are easily susceptible to sensitivity and tooth decay. And though a lot of parents think that their child’s first set of teeth are not that important, the truth is, their proper growth and development have a huge impact on their adult lives. As a matter of fact, most dentists agree that caring for your children’s teeth early can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run.
Most parents think that conventional oral care products are good enough to help preserve their children’s teeth; unfortunately, this is very far from true. This is all because of the fact that most chemical formulas found in oral care products for children can be dangerous to their health.If you want to get the best possible oral health for your children, Oral Botanica KIDS is the gift from nature for you. It is a liquid organic toothpaste, made out of 100% organic botanical oils. It is crafted and developed using the highest quality and powerful ingredients to protect and to kill the bacteria. The safest toothpaste for children, it is fluoride free toothpaste, contains no SLS, no glycerin, no sweetener, no artificial chemicals. You and your children will love this pleasant unique taste.


Just 2 drops on wetted soft small toothbrush and the children can happily and safely brush the teeth as usual.



Read the ingredients of the toothpastes care-fully!

Traditional toothpastes found on the shelves at major retailers commonly contain ingredients like sodium fluoride, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), hydrated silica, glycerin, as well as a slew of sweetener, artificial dyes and coloring.

Did you know that enough sodium fluoride can be lethal if swallowed? Research has shown that Fluoride can hinders the brain development of the children.
Maybe you weren’t aware that triclosan is a powerful chemical commonly used in pesticides, detergents, and hospital grade hand soap.
Hydrated Silica is added to help remove tartar and to make teeth whiter, but it can also damage the surface of the teeth, and at the same time, it can prevent proper re-mineralization (the teeth’s natural healing process).

Used as sweeteners, Aspartame or Saccharin make conventional toothpastes taste better for children, but studies show that they may cause cancer. Do you want those toxins in the mouth of your child? As children are still not able to spit out the rest of tooth-paste, it can be dangerous for the health in the long term.

Luckily, there is an all-natural, alternative oral care product that is completely safe for kids. Oral Botanica Kids is a remarkably effective blend of organic botanical oils that have a longstanding history for promoting fresh breath, healthy gums, strong teeth, and a beautiful smile.


What Makes It So Powerful

The natural properties of these oils are not only able to clean the gums and teeth of the young ones, but it kills the bacteria in the mouth and keep the mouth in the healthy condition. It is crafted and uniquely formulated to protect the enamel and it has powerful analgesic properties. Oral Botanica KIDS quickly penetrates the cellular membranes within the oral cavity to eliminate bacteria, re-store natural ionic balances, and repair damaged cells.

Unlike many traditional toothpastes, mouth washes, rinses, and pain relieving gels, Oral Botanica KIDS is 100% organic food grade quality botanical oils and does not contain any synthetic chemicals, it is fluoride free, no glycerin, no preservatives, no silica, no abrasive materials, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors. It is suitable for children who cannot spit out the rest of toothpaste completely. Not only your children but you will also love the pleasant natural sweet taste of Oral Botanica Kids.


Care Instructions: Avoid Eye Contact.

BOTANICA CULTURE Oral Botanica Kids (15ml)

  • Oral Botanica KIDS is a unique blend of 6 different 100% organic food grade botanical oils:

    Almond oil promotes clean teeth and the high antioxidant proper-ties protect and facilitate restoration and healing. This constituent also delivers exceptional moisture to a dry mouth.

    Lemon oil kills bacteria and removes stubborn stains for a brighter, whiter smile.

    Spearmint and fennel oils both help to eliminate bad-breath causing bacteria and freshen breath.

    Lime oil has intrinsic antiseptic and antiviral properties and leaves your mouth feeling completely rejuvenated. It also has been used historically to boost the immune system.

    Myrrh oil supports the natural cellular healing process and is especially great for treating mouth sores and ulcers.

    • Help your child to floss the teeth before going to bed to remove the food debris.
    • Put 2 drops of Oral Botanica Kids on a toothbrush and your child can brush and rinse the teeth as usual.
    • Put 1 drop of Oral Botanica Kids on a cloth to wipe baby’s teeth and gums in the morning and at the night time.
    • Min 2-3 drops in 100ml water and let child swish and gargle.