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Premium oral care for kids, Oral Botanica Kids is an organic liquid toothpaste made from food-grade ingredients.

Formulated for everyday use, it protects kids’ delicate teeth and prevents cavities. The six botanical oils in Oral Botanic Kids provide long-lasting protection from the mouth bacteria that can damage kids’ teeth and tender gums.

Oral Botanica Kids is fluoride-free with no synthetic chemicals or artificial sweeteners. Kids love its mild lemon-orange taste, and since they often eat their toothpaste, Oral Botanica Kids is safe enough to swallow!

Adults can use Oral Botanica Kids too (if your kids agree)! Kids can start using it once teething begins, and a bottle lasts up to three months.


Oral Botanica Kids’ unique formula protects kids’ teeth from cavities and kills unwanted bacteria from food or milk.

The six pure botanical oils used in Oral Botanica Kids have powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Each drop penetrates the cellular membranes of the mouth, restoring damaged cells and protecting youthful teeth and gums.

Using Oral Botanica Kids twice a day, instead of toothpaste, keeps kids’ teeth strong and sparkling clean. It also:

  • Protects kids’ teeth from cavities
  • Safeguards tooth enamel
  • Re-mineralises tooth enamel
  • Maintains healthy gums
  • Freshens breath


Oral Botanica Kids is fluoride-free and contains no artificial sweeteners, Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates (SLS), artificial flavours, colourants or synthetic chemicals.

Oral Botanica Kids is made according to stringent safety standards and is the perfect oral-care choice for young teeth and gums. It provides a strong foundation for healthy teeth and gums throughout childhood and beyond, and it reduces the number of times your kids need to visit the dentist.

Why is there no fluoride in Oral Botanica Kids? 

Although fluoride may prevent tooth decay and gum disease, it can be poisonous when consumed in large amounts. Drinking water in many countries already contains fluoride, so kids don’t need to use an additional fluoride toothpaste. Long-term use of fluoride may affect brain development and cause fluorosis — discolouration of children’s teeth.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Triclosan are common ingredients in toothpastes for kids but can be toxic to the liver, have been linked to cancer and may cause skin irritation. Hydrated Silicia and Glycerine can damage tooth enamel, while Parabens may affect hormone levels.



    • Organic Almond Oil
    • Organic Spearmint Oil
    • Organic Myrrh Oil
    • Organic Sweet Orange Oil
    • Organic Fennel Oil
    • Organic Lemon Oil



    Taste:Mild citrus-fennel flavour
    Antimicrobial effects:Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
    Lasts for:Up to 90 days (when used twice a day as toothpaste)  
    CautionsAllergy advice: Contains almond oil and spearmint oil. Cannot be used by children with nut or mint allergies.

BOTANICA CULTURE Oral Botanica Kids (15ml)

  • Oral Botanica KIDS is a unique blend of 6 different 100% organic food grade botanical oils:

    Almond oil promotes clean teeth and the high antioxidant proper-ties protect and facilitate restoration and healing. This constituent also delivers exceptional moisture to a dry mouth.

    Lemon oil kills bacteria and removes stubborn stains for a brighter, whiter smile.

    Spearmint and fennel oils both help to eliminate bad-breath causing bacteria and freshen breath.

    Lime oil has intrinsic antiseptic and antiviral properties and leaves your mouth feeling completely rejuvenated. It also has been used historically to boost the immune system.

    Myrrh oil supports the natural cellular healing process and is especially great for treating mouth sores and ulcers.

    • Help your child to floss the teeth before going to bed to remove the food debris.
    • Put 2 drops of Oral Botanica Kids on a toothbrush and your child can brush and rinse the teeth as usual.
    • Put 1 drop of Oral Botanica Kids on a cloth to wipe baby’s teeth and gums in the morning and at the night time.
    • Min 2-3 drops in 100ml water and let child swish and gargle.
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