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100% Organic Essential Oil

Coming down with a bug? Reach for our Tea Tree oil, the most “medicinal” of all the essential oils.

Tea Tree oil has powerful antiseptic and antifungal properties, perfect for fighting infectious bacteria and viruses.

Tea Tree oil also soothes skin, boosts immunity and is a great surface cleaner.

Tea Tree oil oxidises easily and is best stored in the fridge.It has a medicinal aroma and many people prefer to blend it with other oils.


For almost any injury or ailment, Tea Tree oil is the answer.

Clinical studies have proven its germ-fighting power and its ability to heal cuts, minor burns and insect bites.

Use it to treat bacterial and fungal infections, and even on head lice and eczema.


100% Organic Tea Tree Oil

Steam distilled from the fresh leaves of the Tea Tree shrub


Origin: Australia

Botanica Culture Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (15 ml)

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