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Made with ingredients such as organic millet, organic brown rice grains, organic unbleached plain flour, sea-salt and filtered water. Unbleached during process, it is naturally prepared for consumption and contains more protein than chemically treated flour.


Known Benefits

Dr Gram organic millet brown rice flat noodle is made from brown grains and millet which is a good source of nutrients that reduces the possibility of heart diseases, helps avoid sudden drop in sugar levels, aids in digestion, reduces constipation, controls high blood pressure. Contains other nutrients like, B vitamins, manganese, selenium and iron, fiber, calcium & zinc, essential amino acids, photochemical including phytic acid, and phytate.  

Recommended Usage

Soak in boiling water for a minute or two to loosen the noodles. Use a fork to break up and untangle the noodles. Drain. Add the noodles to vegetables or meat in the last 2 minutes of cooking and stir fry. Use tongs to toss until well combined and heated through.




Dr Gram Organic Millet Brown Rice Flat Noodle 250g

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