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Natural Acacia Honey is from acacia flower which is from the Acacia trees are sourced directly from the unpolluted Highland of Romania, grown only on mineral rich land. Hailed as liquid gold in Europe, Go Pure™ Natural Acacia Honey is ranked as one of the top kinds of honey in the world. A supreme, high in quality, clear and smooth natural flower honey with an exceptional, delicate floral aroma that separates itself from other types of honey.


Directions for Use

  • Try a spoonful in your evening espresso or drizzled over whole wheat bread.
  • To improvement of Blood Circulation, Sinus, Respiratory problems etc: 1 tablespoon with lukewarm water, 2-3 times daily
  • Detoxification (twice a month)- As above
  • For diabetics: 1 teaspoon per day as beverage or act as a sweetener.  Acacia honey is high in fructose thus gives energy to diabetics.

Product of Romania

Go Pure Natural Acacia Honey (500g)

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