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-Ultra Low Collagen Molecules
-Easily Absorbed by the Body
-Made in Japan

★ Key Benefits

☑ Skin Firming & Beauty effects☑ Replenish skin’s collagen
☑ Restores skin Radiance☑ Improves wrinkles & fine lines
☑ Reduces freckles and dark spots☑ Joint health & more

Collagen in Body declines 1.5% per year after Age 25 Visible sign of aging in the skin occurs as it becomes thinner and its protective capabilities weaken. As people age, not only does collagen production decline, the quanlity of the skin’s collagen also decline. With the growing awareness, people are aware of the fact that collagen is required to get rid of wrinkles and to achieve a soft and supple complexion. Collagen is the key to the skin’s youthful appearence, it is a protein produced within the body that connects and supports allo bodily tissues. Collagen supplements helps to restore lost collagen and reduce or reverse the ageing process. It helps to plump up and make up for the loss of collagen in your skin. As collagen is a natural aid to strengthening the body’s entire muscular system, it helps to increase a person’s physical strength and health.

Health Trends Asami Collagen Ex 10000 (50ml x 10 Pouches)

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