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-Easily Absorbed by the Body
-Legacy product of over 19years
-Effective Liver Care Supplement

★ Key Benefits

☑ Provides Cells & Tissues with Oxygen☑ Cell Rejuvenation
☑ Greatly Enhances Immunity☑ Retains Skin Moisture
☑ Liver Care☑ Anti-Cancer Effects & more


Eliminates Lethargy – Squalene supplies your body naturally with an abundance of pure oxygen, rejuvenating your cells. In this process, you feel rejuvenated and recharged.

Enhances your Immunity – Squalene works to rejuvenate your cells for better cell performance, resistance to diseases is then enhanced. Here’s why you sometimes hear that sharks don’t get cancer.

Skin appears Moisturised – Squalene supplies oxygen to all parts of your body, and that includes your skin, the largest organ of a human body. Squalene also contains vitamins such as C & E that are essential for a good skin maintenance. Evidently, Squalene is present in many high-end cosmetic products.

Health Trends SQ 450 (Squalene Extract)

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