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KIREI+ main component, Hypochlorous acid water is very effective sanitizer! It is non-alcohol type and is originated from approved food additive and  pH 6.3 is same as that of human skin, so KIREI+ is gentl to people.

As KIREI+ sanitize and deodorant at same time, it is widely used in Japan such as Hospital, Clinic, Nursing Home, Food processing factory, Restaurant kitchen, School, Home, Pets

KIREI+ help to protect you from bacteria and virus to be worried about in living environment.

The effectiveness of disease prevention and treatment for specific bacteria and viruses such as "new coronavirus" has not been verified


Powerful sanitizing effect
KIREI+ has a broad antibacterial spectrum against almost all bacterial species. In general, medical treatment facilities use different sanitizer according to the type of bacteria. In case of the strongest bacteria, use Glutaraldehyde etc however those sanitizer are genenrally toxic to human, while KIREI+ is comparable to its eradication effect, and sanitize against most bacterial species. Moreover KIREI+ is also effective against Virus like Influenza and Norovirus which are not possible to prevent from with alcohol type sanitizer. Kirei+ prevent of infection of virus in the air and contact infection.



Powerful deodorizing effect

KIREI+ converts ammonia to dichloramine to eliminate odor.

In addition, this deodorizing effect is for deodorizing putrefaction and does not impair the taste and smell of the food itself.
NH3 + HCIO → NH2Cl + H2O


Gentle to people

Kirei+ produce from approved food additive.  As its pH is the same weak acidity as human skin (pH 6.5), it is safe and secure for babies, pregnant women and pets. In addition, there is little decolorization to textiles, etc.,

Kirei+ is not skincare product and not supposed to use directly to human though, it is no toxicity and no irritation.

Japore Kirei+ Sanitizer Spray from Japan (50ml)

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