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“Tummy Flat” – Youth, Health & Beauty from Inside! Tummy Flat is a unique combination of friendly Probiotics and Prebiotics (lactose, oligosaccharides, Hatomugi Pearl Barley, plant enzymes) proven and tested by millions of users for over 28 years in Japan. Unlike most probiotics, the special strains of live Bifidus and Lactobacillus are able to withstand gastric juices and heat of up to 85 degree C, reaching the intestines alive. Inside the intestine, with the special prebiotic combination, these living friendly bacteria proliferate and help loosen impacted faeces, breakdown harmful toxins in the intestinal system, reduce harmful bacteria and improve intestinal environment. Due to gentle action of the probiotics, usually no abdominal pain is experienced, (unlike laxatives). Also, the ingredients used in Tummy Flat are pure, safe and without herbal stimulants. Users often report much better bowel movement, and eased constipation, reduced belly swell, slimmer waist line, smoother and brighter skin, reduced body odour, reduced shoulder pain and even stabalised blood pressure.


Recommended Use: Dissolve 1 packet with 180ml warm water (below 40 deg C) in the morning on empty stomach. Dosage: 1 packet per week to maintain health and beauty. For stubborn constipation, take 1 packet every 2 days for first 2 weeks and reduce gradually to 1 per week when conditions improve.


Contraindications: Loose stools may be experienced after 2-4 hours of consumption, but do not worry. Effect usually wears off and stops within 2-3 hours. Those with stubborn constipation may experience bloated-ness / belly up due to increased movement due to stripping of impacted stool on the intestinal walls. Bowel movement may not happen on the same day of consumption but will improve with regular use of Tummy Flat. 

Nature's Glory Flat Tummy

  • Ingredients: Live Probiotics powder(Bifidobacterium (1 billion) , Lactobacillus (25 mil), Lactose, yogurt, oligosaccharides, plant enzymes, skim milk powder, Hatomugi pearl barley, citric acid, vitamin C. Storage: Avoid light, humid and keep in room temperature. Product of Japan.

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