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Seaweeds have been a food source since prehistoric times and are as commonly used in Japanese cooking as garden vegetables. Seaweeds are a good source of minerals, such as iodine, calcium (2-3 times that of milk) and vitamin B12. Due to the enzyme and mineral content of seaweeds, they can help the body eliminate effects of animal fat and radio active/chemical wastes we absorb through the environment. They have also been proven effective in preventing arthritis, nervous disorders and endocrine system malfunction. Hijiki (fusiforme) is a stringy black seaweed which grows best on submerged rocky ledges along the pacific coast, requiring a year of growth. The consistently tiny, rich black curls of Nature's Glory hijiki indicate the highest quality available. It cooks to a firm texture, imparting a delicious enduring taste. High in vitamin A, B and minerals, it is also recommended for diabetics. 


Soak Hijiki for 15-20 minutes( Do not oversoak) Retain the water for added flavour and nutrients. After soaking, rinse off any dirt. Use in miso soup or vegetable dishes. 


Storage: keep in a cool dry place. 
Product of Japan

Nature's Glory Hijiki Seaweed 50g

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