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Japanese Ponzu Sauce Nature's Glory

Product of Japan.

Our Japanese Ponzu Sauce makes great salad dressing, tasty dipping sauce for nabemono (Japanese hot pot dishes) or other types of dishes, and wonderful condiment for steam fish and meat dishes.

Since it is made without oil, its calorie content is much lower than that of other dressings (1/10 the calorie content of French dressing). Ideal for people who are looking for a healthier alternative. Simply add Nature’s Glory Organic Toasted Sesame Oil to our Ponzu Sauce to make great condiments for Chinese style dishes.

No additives, chemicals, enhancers and preservatives are added to Nature’s Glory Japanese Ponzu Sauce

Ingredients: Shoyu, Rice Vinegar, Mirin, Barley Malt, Yudzu and Sudachi Juice (Japanese citrus fruits).

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Available: 650ml

Nature's Glory Japanese Ponzu Sauce 650ml

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