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  • Kombu is the king of seaweed, rich in calcium, alkaline minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll. It has amino, fatty, fucoldin and alginic acids. It has high iodine content and high grade Japanese Kombu comes from Hokkaido Island.
  • Kombu balls are mixed with Japanese plum concentrate and are good for hormones, metabolism, cholesterol, blood pressure and intestinal controls. It resists harmful absorption of strontium and cadmium; promotes healthy skin and hair, prevents artery hardening, ulcers, constipation and senility. Kombu is especially good for prevention of cosmic radiation, and for its anti-tumour properties. Kombu Balls are easy to swallow, suck or chew.

150 Balls

Product of Japan

Nature's Glory Kombu Balls (135 Balls)

  • Kombu Root, Ume Plum Concentrate, and Honey.


    10 to 15 balls or more daily, after meals.

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